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The Truth about Tie Dye Fashion Trend

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70’s Chic: Tie Dye

No, you have not time-warped back to 1976. Yes, that is tie dye you are seeing everywhere. Some of the biggest fashion designers are featuring this retro trend and it’s trickling down the line to the entire retail market. In this era, tie dye is more than just grungy t-shirts. Everywhere you look you see dresses, skirts, blouses and yes, the classic t-shirt.

Take a peek on Pinterest and you will see that tie dye is back in full force. There are entire blog posts devoted to DIY tie dye and all the different patterns you can do. We love a good basic tie dye pattern like the dresses and shirts featured on , but the designs can be as colorful as a rainbow and very intricate.

For those of you not interested in the do-it-yourself route, tie dye can be found in boutiques and retail stores all over the country.

Tie Dye is very versatile. You can dress it up or down and it looks good whether you are five years old or thirty-five. You can also use the technique to modify an article of clothing you might be bored with. Tired of that plain, boring red t-shirt? Grab some bleach and rubber bands and make yourself something new!   The possibilities are endless!

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XOXO, Lyla

Written By: Sara Toth

Blue Tie Dye Dress

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