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For this Child we Prayed...


Our prayers were answered this year.....our sweet baby girl will be here in March 2016.  Here is a brief story of our journey:

Jason and I have been trying to conceive since June 2013.  Both us thought it would be so easy.  We were excited for the new journey and I was Pinteresting all things baby.  We found out we were pregnant in September 2013!  We were thrilled, I had my shower planned and baby room decor picked out!  Sadly, when we went in for our first ultrasound, we were informed that the heartbeat was not there.  Jason and I were devastated.  Having a miscarriage was one of the worst things I ever felt: loss, sadness, misery, embarrassed.  After spending days researching and reading stories, we had hope that we would get pregnant soon again.

Fast forward to May 2014, we were still not pregnant.  Based on symptoms, our doctor and us decided to have surgery for endometriosis.  In June 2014, I had surgery and treated 6 spots of endometriosis.  Unfortunately, the doctor also found a cyst.  Two weeks later, I was informed I have a mucinous borderline tumor.  More bad news....our pregnancy plans went to a complete halt.  We met with multiple oncologist to get opinions and run more test.  After the 3 month mark, my tumor counts were down.

On to Fertility doctor:  I started fertility treatments in December 2015.  Starting with the normal Clomid, I was getting excited and finally having hope.  After 6 month of Clomid treatments, Jason and I decided to move on to IVF.  IVF was a two month process for us and one that involved many tears.  In July 2015, Jason and I  were informed WE WERE PREGNANT! 

Our infertility journey was short compared to most, but extremely hard.  Any person who has experienced this knows the difficulties that come along.  I found a lot of useful advice on If anyone has any questions about my journey, please feel free to contact me at

Our thoughts and prayers are with those still going thru the process to conceive.



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