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Dress up your Sandals by The City Brunette

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With Summer right around the corner, it’s inevitable to want to give your feet a break and pull out your most comfortable pair of sandals.  

In Charleston, despite the extremely hot, humid weather, people tend to regularly dress somewhat formally. Fortunately, I found a few creative ways to dress up my sandals which allowed me to be comfortable in style.  

Here are my tips for dressing up your sandals:

Complement the sandals with a more put together beauty look.  Try to spend a little extra time on your hair and wear a bit of makeup.  Try to keep things natural but with a little extra pop.

Carefully choose your accessories.  For example, rather than wearing something that’s boho-chic, or a tote, opt for a more structured handbag.  This will give a nice contrast to the overall look.


Go monochromatic. A monochromatic look always appears a bit more put together in my opinion.  This is a great way to allow you to wear some comfy sandals , but still portray a look of fashion forwardness.



Written by: Olivia Johnson, The City Brunette

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