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How to Style your Sneakers by The City Brunette

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Alright ladies, lets get real here; if you're like me you LOVE to use the world as your runway and when you get the chance you will strut your fashion whenever you cease a moment to dress up! With this we all know that beauty can sometimes come with pain, the shoes can look FABULOUS but be the definition or torture. So how do you strut you stuff and have the comfort of walking on clouds? Simple really and I wear these all the time! Sliders; slip on sneakers. Now I know you're probably thinking, ugh ew I would never but like they always say 'you never know until you try!'

I don’t think I really need to make a case for why this trend is awesome. These sneakers are ridiculously comfortable, and they’ll go with basically anything. So many brands and labels are coming out with really fun pairs, too – I’ve seen animal print, leather, metallic, tartan. The possibilities are endless!

Want to know how to wear yours in a unique way? Here are 1
0 style tips on how to wear slip-on sneakers:

  1. Pair printed slip-on sneakers with a chic black and white outfit.
  2. If it’s still warm, make denim shorts more dressed up with black slip-on sneakers and a blazer. (sadly we are all wanting this moment back)
  3. Adding slip-on sneakers to a fancy dress makes it more wearable during the day.
  4. Slip-on sneakers and a sweater make a maxi skirt work for fall and winter.
  5. High-waist jeans, a floppy hat, a long cardigan and slip-on sneakers make the perfect cute and casual outfit.
  6. MY PERSONAL FAV!!! A denim jacket, sweater, huge scarf, skinny jeans and sneakers make the perfect layered fall outfit.
  7. Pro tip: cuff your jeans a little bit to show off how cute your sneakers are.
  8. Pro tip: cuff your jeans a little bit to show off how cute your sneakers are. (hello Sunday mornings!)
  9. Wear printed slip-on shoes with the classic combo of a striped shirt and skinny jeans. Add a bright bag for some color.
  10. While it’s still warm, pair your slip-on’s with a denim shirt-dress.


Written By: Olivia Johnson, The City Brunette

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