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The City Brunette: Guest Blogger

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Lyla's Clothing is so excited to announce our First Guest Blogger: Olivia Johnson, The City Brunette!  Olivia will be blogging about her favorite things all summer long!  Here is a little about, The City Brunette!  Be sure to check out her blog!

Everyone always asks "Where are you from?" It really is a simple question, with a simple answer. But have you ever thought past the question? Thought what brought them here? How simple is it really to uproot your life and move to a brand new city? Usually that isn't a question that follows in conversation. For me it has hit all to close to home. Moving from Columbus Ohio to the beautiful Charleston South Carolina! I definitely think that when anyone moves you are 'moving on up!'

Moving is a pain, but moving out of state is an entirely different battle. I made my first move when  I was 23. I lived in Ohio all my life, and now after 23 years I uprooted and moved down south. Not only do I know a lot about moving, but I also know how absolutely alone it can make you feel. It never gets easier. Moving away from the people you love (family or friends) is never easy. Here is how I continue to move without feeling like I am losing a something each time.

As soon as you can face the fact that you are leaving, the easier it will be for you to actually leave. Denial is an inevitable part of moving. You tell all your friends that you will keep in touch and talk to them just as much as you do now. The sooner you accept that this probably isn’t true, the quicker you will be able to cope with it. You won’t see these people again unless they visit you, or you are back for a visit yourself.

The hardest thing is to not get upset with people "back home".

In the age of social media it can be difficult not to notice your friends hanging out in all the places that you once frequented. This can make you feel like you are all alone in a new state that you know nothing about. Instead of feeling sad that you missed out, realize that there is a reason why you aren’t there. Bigger and better opportunities have brought you to a new place, and you should be happy about that.

One thing that always help is make a point each week to catch up with a family member or friend. Doing this will make you feel instantly better. Make a point of setting aside an hour, one day a week to talk to someone from where you once lived. When you move you will have to make new friends, and that can be stressful. Talking with someone you already know will relieve your stress, while keeping that relationship going.

Finally I have learned that keeping yourself isolated can not only bring back the feelings of being alone but it makes it very difficult to accept this new place as 'home'. Get out there, explore on your own, join a group, create a blog like I did and I promise that movin' on up will be a piece of cake!

Moving to a new city is always challenging. Don’t get down, follow the do’s and don’ts and you will make it!


Written By: Olivia Johnson, The City Brunette

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