Beer Trivia Card Game


Games Room Beer Trivia

  • ENTERTAINING AND UNEXPECTED QUESTIONS: This bright box is filled with 140 trivia questions that contain interesting facts about all things beer!
  • PERFECT FOR THE BEER LOVER PLUS: The trivia questions included in this set are designed for casual beer drinkers, IPA enthusiasts, brewski bros, all the dads, and the people who love them.
  • TAKE IT ANYWHERE: The portable box is the perfect size to throw in your bag to take to bars, parties, breweries, or stow in luggage for a vacation.
  • GREAT BACHELOR PARTY OR FATHER'S DAY GIFT: Also perfect for those in need of game night inspiration, dinner party hosts and partygoers, or friends who love to play drinking games.
  • EXPLORE THE ENTIRE SERIES: This game is part of the Games Room Trivia series, a collection of elegantly designed, geometrically patterned small boxes filled with engaging questions for lively trivia, conversation, and endless laughs.