Classic Charades Trivia Card Game


Games Room Classic Charades Guessing Game – Trivia Games for Adults and Kids!  A fun trivia game to make a great gift!

  • Gather your friends and family for a 'race against mime' in this game of Classic Charades from Games Room.
  • Gather your friends and family, young and old alike, and get the party started. Ideal for 2+ players, this classic charades game is excellent for social gatherings, parties and family nights. It’s also an inspired conversation starter!
  • Simply 'act out' the titles of books, films, songs, TV shows and plays without speaking for your team to guess. Features a wide variety of topics for the whole group to enjoy.
  • With 140 unique question cards, you have everything you need to get this family game started. Plus, the sturdy 2” H x 5” W x 3.5” D storage box makes it easy to bring on the go!