The Little Pink Book of Cocktails: The Perfect Ladies' Drinking Companion


Men may have their little black book of cocktails - but now women have one just for them, in a feminine pink, fashionably designed guide.

What better way for busy girls to entertain than by using this fabulous little gem to help spark up their marvelous social lives....along with setting the right mood for that little hottie that is coming over?

As well as the recipes for a wide variety of cocktails, The Little Pink Book of Cocktails features:

  • Quotable sayings by history’s brightest wits,
  • Space for you to plan get-togethers,
  • And room to jot down memorable moments.

Inside, gals will find witty quotes and words of wisdom as well as fabulous drinks from Cosmos to Appletinis to other fun and exciting and easy to make shots, drinks, and cocktails.