Brumates are one of our fasest selling gift items!  Lyla's carries the Hopsulator Slim, Champagne Flute and Hopsulator Trio in a variety of colors and patterns!  The Hopsulator Slim is triple insulated to keep your slim cans cool longer!  With the White Claw and Truly trends, this is the perfect reusable slim can cooler!  

I first started carrying Brumate after going on a Beach Trip with my friends!  Literally, all of them had a Brumate and I was using an old floppy embarrassing!  After researching, I decided Brumate would be a great fit at Lyla's!

Also, the Champagne Flutes are perfect for morning mimosas, champagne parties and more!

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Best Seller: 

Hopsulator Slim Onyx Leopard: A Beautiful black leopard print 

Hopsulator Slim Succulent: Beautiful succulent floral print

Hopsulator Slim by Brumate sold at Lyla's in Plano, TX

July 08, 2021 — Meagan Wauters
Tags: Brumate