Spongelle - Daisy Spongette Grapefruit Cassis


Our Grapefruit Cassis Spongette meets Daisy Collection’s signature flower design. Everything you love about our travel-friendly Spongette with the bonus of soft petal curves to enhance your cleansing experience. Treat yourself to the scent of sun-kissed paradise with bursts of zesty grapefruit, lush cassis, and cozy vanilla. Plus, our Spongette is accepted on all airlines making Grapefruit Cassis a necessary companion on your next exotic vacation.

Now with 7+ uses, your Spongette will last the entire length of a week’s vacation or a full week of pampering at home.

Smells Like
The essence of tropical bliss

Feels Like
A delightful journey through a lush oasis

Fragrance Notes 
Top: Grapefruit
Middle: Cassis
Base: Vanilla