Why do we carry two paints? We get asked all the time! The reason....we love to give our customers options with choosing a paint! We believe Fusion Mineral Paint and Autentico Paint are 2 of the best in the market!

Lyla's will get lots of furniture painters in store and everyone will give us a different paint, a different brush or different technique they use! There are NO wrong answers!

I am continually learning something new about each of our paint lines and will do our best to answer your questions! Please stop in all week to shop these paints and all our new fall arrivals!

Here is a mini breakdown of each!
Autentico Vintage Furniture Chalk Paint in Plano, TX
Autentico Vintage Furniture Paint
- Autentico Paint is a true chalk-type paint. It will stick to just about anything with minimal prep. It will have to be sealed with Autentico Furniture Wax or Varnish.
- When to use Autentico? If you don't want alot of prep and need to finish a piece quickly...Autentico is perfect! It can be sanded down to a buttery smooth finish. Autentico has lots of great color options and waxes to create a great distressed look.
Fusion Mineral Paint in Plano, TX Boutique
Fusion Mineral Paint
- Fusion Paint is an acrylic paint for furniture, requires little prep and has a built in top coat. Fusion Paint has great coverage (some whites will require more coats for coverage). Fusion Paint offers a Tough Coat which is great for high traffic areas.
- When to use Fusion Paint?
Fusion Paint has a great sleek finish! Fusion Paint is perfect if you want to skip applying wax since no top coat is required. Many great color options for you to see!
What are you wanting to paint?