After Dinner Amusements: Odd Fact Out


Challenge your friends and family to find the odd fact out with these 50 general knowledge trivia challenges!

The elephant is the world's largest land mammal. Elephant tusks are teeth, not horns. Elephants sleep up to 8 hours a day.

Can you spot the odd fact out? 

Pull a card and ask the other players to identify which of three pieces of trivia is not actually true! With trivia challenges ranging from history to pop culture to geography and more, these cards will put your knowledge to the test.

ENTERTAINING FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: This cute, compact tin is filled with 50 trivia challenges to entertain friends and family across ages and generations.

EASY TO PLAY: This fresh take on trivia is an easy game to play. Just identify which of three provided pieces of trivia is false and win!

GREAT GIFT OR STOCKING STUFFER: Perfect for families in need of game-night inspiration, dinner-party hosts and partygoers, or campers looking for a fun conversation game by the fire.