Cocktail Time!: The Ultimate Guide to Grown-Up Fun


Elegant man-about-town and the director of Bridesmaids, Spy, and A Simple Favor Paul Feig serves up a beautifully designed cocktail and lifestyle guide with hilarious stories from his life.

Famed TV and film writer, director, and producer Paul Feig is obsessed with cocktails and cocktail culture. It’s about having great conversations with friends. It’s about putting on your best clothes and throwing a smart gathering or heading to your favorite bar and having an interesting chat with the bartender. And it’s about staying home, mixing a drink and sipping it in a beautiful glass as you watch a great old movie by yourself.

Paul has made an art and a science out of creating these elegant and festive environments and living his best life, whether at home in LA or New York or London or on location around the world, and it’s all here in Cocktail Time!—how to make the drinks, how to throw the parties, what music to play, what glassware you need and more, along with 125 cocktail recipes, each served along with funny insider stories about Paul’s Hollywood life and famous friends.

Cocktail Time! covers everything, from classics (and variations on them) like martinis, negronis, and hot toddies to original concoctions such as “The Feigtini” and holiday cocktails, as well as recipes from film and TV industry friends, such as the Charlize Theron Gibson, the Very Cherry Kerry (Washington), the (Angela) Kinsey Gin Fizz, Henry (Golding)’s Honey Plum G&T, and The Five (Michelle) Yeoh-Larm Fire.

Cocktail Time! is a love letter to the aesthetics and culture around cocktails. It’s guaranteed to make you want to up your party-giving game—or at least your home bar situation. And it’s an immensely charming and readable window into one man’s friendly obsession.