Film Fanatic Trivia Card Game by Ginger Fox


Lights, camera, action! Step into the world of cinema with Film Fanatic Trivia, the captivating travel-sized card game designed for movie buffs. Challenge your film knowledge and engage in thrilling gameplay wherever you go.

With Film Fanatic Trivia, each correct answer earns you one point, putting your movie expertise to the test, but you could earn two points by answering the multiple-choice questions without the options. Dive into a variety of categories, from iconic films to famous actors and everything in between. Show off your cinematic prowess and outshine your opponents.

This travel-sized card game is perfect for movie nights, road trips, or simply flexing your film trivia skills with friends. Its compact design ensures easy portability, fitting snugly in your bag or pocket for spontaneous trivia showdowns. So gather your fellow film fanatics and embark on a journey through the silver screen. Film Fanatic Trivia guarantees hours of entertainment, friendly competition, and a chance to showcase your love for movies.

Let the game begin! Grab Film Fanatic Trivia and prove that you're the ultimate cinephile, earning points, and basking in the glory of your film expertise.