Fusion Mineral Paint Tough Coat Sponge


Fusion Mineral Paint Topcoat Application Sponge (1 sponge)

Have you been struggling with your topcoat application? It's often due to applying too much product or using the wrong tools. Fusion now has application sponges designed to use with our products such as Tough Coat so you have more success. If you use one of these with a water based product, you can simply soak, wash out and let air dry. You can keep reusing it until it no longer is holding up. This is not a one time use tool. I recommend that if you are using it with a water based product, that you get it damp first and then dip the sponge into your product. You can work off of a paper plate for example. Just apply a little bit to your sponge and do long even strokes accross your surface. Try to overlap just a little bit. If you missed a spot say with your Tough Coat, you can get it on your second coat