Happy Houseplants Grow your own indoor oasis


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Create your very own urban jungle and help your houseplants thrive with this handy pocket-sized guide to plant care.

Houseplants bring life and energy into our homes, improving air quality and even boosting our productivity. But even the most committed plant parents may need a little guidance to keep their ferns flourishing and their bromeliads in bloom. Happy Houseplants is filled with essential advice on choosing the right plants for your space and lifestyle, whether you have a sun-drenched balcony or a shady home office. You will find plenty of information on caring for some of the most popular houseplants: how often to feed and water them, how much light they need, and what kind of soil they prefer. The book also includes a wealth of troubleshooting ideas for common problems, from sunburnt leaves to pest control, giving you the confidence to revive your ailing plants. Charming photographs and illustrations throughout make this a colourful, accessible book for botanical beginners and gifted growers alike.