Let's Do Drinks: Inspirational tips, personal secrets and 75+ recipes for a fancy night out without leaving the house


This visually stunning book provides all of the information readers need to understand the needs of a home bar and tailor those needs to the space they live in, enabling them to create the optimal bar space for entertaining, parties, friendly gatherings and more.

Written by self-proclaimed cocktail nerd, Elliott Clark, the book reads as if you're having a personal conversation with the author, during which he shares all of his good advice, tips and the occasional secret for developing a killer bar, along with the materials needed to ensure you can make the widest range of drinks needed on demand.

The book provides set up instructions and considerations, tailored for a variety of spaces, insights into a wide variety of spirts and liqueurs, necessary tools of the trade, glassware, and more.

Readers will also find 75 incredible recipes that start with the tried-and-true classics and evolves into the author’s signature house menu of original cocktail recipes, including seasonally inspired drink recipes any home entertainer, and novice cocktail enthusiast can mix up.

As a self-proclaimed cocktail nerd, Elliott Clark is considered to be one of the leading and influential voices in the world of spirits, cocktails and home bartending. A highly-respected tastemaker, he is the personality behind Apartment Bartender – an award-winning drink blog and brand that’s become synonymous with elevated experiences at home and beyond…minus the pretension.

In this book, Clark provides everything readers need to know about creating a world class drink experience in the comfort of their own homes