Life of the Party Cocktail Coasters 1: 60 Conversation Starters to Amaze, Amuse, and Entertain


Bearing cocktail recipes and captivating questions, this booklet of coasters is the key to taking your party to a higher level.

Out of small talk? Sick of discussing the weather? Life of the Party Cocktail Coasters 1 booklet includes tear-out coasters bearing whimsical questions and cocktail recipes that will take your party to another level. Part of a two-volume set, these double-sided coasters are bound to expose a whole new side of your friends and loved ones.

Inside this novelty book, you will find interesting questions such as:

  • Which of your five senses would you be willing to give up, and why?
  • What is your proudest accomplishment in life, not work related?
  • Who is your arch nemesis, and what prompted the rivalry?
  • Describe your ideal day, whether ordinary or extraordinary.

With 10 thought-provoking coasters conveniently bound into a booklet, Life of the Party Cocktail Coasters 1 is the perfect gift for your favorite host or hostess and is guaranteed to turn the next party into a celebration.