My Dad: An Interview Journal to Capture Reflections in His Own Words


Dad holds a story that only he can share. This keepsake book is a place to record his memories-- whether a special moment from his childhood, an unforgettable adventure, or a piece of advice to share. Use the pages like an interview journal. When complete, each answer Dad offers will create an irreplaceable family keepsake that can be enjoyed by the whole family for generations to come.

Discover new parts of Dad and record moments that have shaped his life with the help of reflective prompts, such as:
o What do you miss most about being a kid?
o Who are some people you admire and why?
o What was one of the toughest lessons you've learned in life?

Ways to use:

• Ask the questions as an interview to create a unique bonding experience between parent and child. You can even record audio or video clips of your conversation to make a truly special heirloom.