Tequila Cocktails: 60 Tequila & Mezcal Recipes


Embrace the magic of agave and indulge your thirst for new ways to drink spicy tequila and smoky mezcal

If you think that the ubiquitous tequila can only be consumed as a slammer with requisite salt and lime chaser, think again. It is so much more than just a shot glass favorite, but if the only tequila you've tried starred lime juice and a salt rim, it's high time you expanded your repertoire.

The tequila revolution is here. With its unique aroma and heady buzz, tequila has won its way into drinkers' hearts worldwide. Every day new craft, artisan and small-batch tequila brands are opening its doors to a loyal and thirsty following of blue agave lovers desperate to get their hands on this nectar of the Aztec gods. And the good stuff deserves a great cocktail.

Tequila Cocktails is a cheeky and uncomplicated guide to mixing cocktails using agave spirits that best showcase the true potential of spicy tequila and smoky mezcal. You'll find over 50 recipes for boozy stirred numbers and refreshing frozen drinks, easy highballs, and yes more than one spin on the classic margarita, that are fun to create - and even more fun to drink!

So, get your cocktail shaker ready.