The Little Book of Friendship: For when life gets a little tough


Have you ever felt like your day-to-day life is one big 'to-do' list? There's the daily juggle of work, an energy-sapping commute, the demands of family life or running a busy household. And then there are life's crucial turning points: relaunching a career, moving house, finding love. Between all that noise, it can be hard to make and maintain friendships.

The Little Book of Friendship offers guidance for when the scales of life are tipped and a moment of companionship is needed. Packed full of wise words from some of the world's best-known figures – from ancient philosophers and celebrated writers to modern-day figures – this book will help you to prioritize your friendships and truly value your loved ones, even when times are tough.

'No road is too long in the company of a good friend.'
- Japanese proverb 'Friendship is essentially a partnership.'
- Aristotle"