Touchland Power Mist Hand Sanitizer



Touchland Power Mist Hand Sanitizer! Hydrating hand sanitizer mist! 500 sprays!

  • Aloe You - A clean and refreshing splash of aloe juice, sparkling lime, crisp apple and watery pear
  • Applelicious - A fun, fruity and floral explosion of granny smith apples, fresh picked pears and tender apple blossoms against a background of transparent musks.
  • Beach Coco - Escape to an exotic tropical island with this blend of mouth-watering pineapple, fresh coconut water and creamy vanilla.
  • Berry Bliss - An exciting blend of ripe strawberries, black raspberries and exotic peach fall into the sweet embrace of tender violet and a touch of creamy vanilla bean.
  • Citrus Grove - Uplifting and energizing, this citrus explosion features juicy orange, peach nectar and warm orange blossom.
  • Frosted Mint - Calming and soothing for a quick mental break - An aromatic blend of cool peppermint, balancing eucalyptus, and sweet spearmint.
  • Mango Passion - Fresh mango and bright passion fruit nectar are met with the aroma of ripe peaches for a fragrance that’s juicy and invigorating.
  • Lemon Lime Spritz - Refreshing and uplifting with notes of fizzy lime, crunchy green leaves and zesty lemongrass
  • Rainwater - Run your fingers through a natural spring, where the cool stream meets salty lime, transparent florals and tender woods.
  • Unscented - The scent of you. Literally anything, and nothing-pretty trippy.
  • Velvet Peach - A juicy explosion of creamy apricot, cheerful peach blossoms and warm amber!
  • Wild Watermelon - Refreshing and sparkling, the fragrance features notes of fresh watermelon, watery florals and crisp green apple and uplifting fruity facets.