Un-Beer-able Dad Joke Cards


Dad Jokes in the shape of a beet can!  Those looking for a Father's Day gift for dear old dad, look no further than these Dad Jokes for adults and kids from Ridley's Games! It's a set of 100 dad jokes packaged in a beer shaped box.

  • This set of joke cards is a great conversation starter for any party or family fun night. It’s recommended for kids and adults of all ages. Bring it to your next get together and get ready to laugh!
  • INCLUDES: This box of jokes for kids and adults includes 100 dad jokes to brighten up yours and dad's day. Joke cards are printed on beer shaped cards and stored in a durable paper box to keep them safe in storage and while on the go.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT IDEA: Always bring the good time with this set of jokes printed on FSC paper with vegetable inks. It makes a great gift for Father's Day and for any dad who can’t resist a good family-friendly dad joke!