Wedding Tips for Brides: Helpful Tips, Smart Ideas and Disaster Dodgers for a Stress-Free Wedding Day


Take all the stress out of your wedding day with this little book, which is brimming with tips for the big day and the night before.

With clever tips and friendly advice, this little book will ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly, remains catastrophe-free and is full of all the highs you could hope for

The question has been popped, the ring has been presented and the countdown has begun! What’s next? Just the wedding.

This book is here to ensure that your big day is the magical, memorable event that you’ve always dreamed of. Taking you through every stage of your wedding – from the night before right up to the honeymoon – it’s full of smart ideas to take the stress out of your day, including:

·       Detailed advice for each part of the day, from the ceremony, to the photos, to the cake.

·       Disaster dodgers to help you avoid setbacks.

·       Handy spaces for you to include your own notes.

Wedding Tips for Brides presents ingenious ideas for any bride-to-be, and will help you and your partner to get the very most out of your special day