Whiskey Lovers Jigsaw Puzzle


Pour Two Fingers of Your Favorite Tipple and Settle in for a Puzzling Good Time! Many a verbal war has been waged over whether Scotch is best smooth or smoky, if bourbon has to be made in Kentucky, whether Ireland made it first, and whether an “e” properly belongs in whiskey. Rather than argue, at Duluth our view on whiskey is the more the merrier, which is why we love this 500-piece puzzle so much. It gives a punchy hand-drawn overview of the world’s brown stuff, cocktails to make with it, and the methods of production – something any whiskey (or whisky) lover can appreciate. Even comes with a matching poster guide to put up in your wood-paneled lounge. Grab a glass, give yourself a nice pour, and enjoy putting it together!

  • For lovers of puzzles and whiskey in all its forms
  • 500-pieces makes for a decent challenge, especially if you’re sipping while you put it together
  • Whisky bottle tube-style packaging makes a great gift
  • Matching poster guide included