Whiskey Made Me Do It: 60 Wonderful Whiskey and Bourbon Cocktails


With an array of cocktails both classic and cutting edge, this brightly illustrated guide proves whiskey is for everyone.

Oaky, smoky, young, or old, whiskey is a versatile and lively spirit that’s been the backbone of cocktails since the old-fashioned was new. From the highlands of Scotland to Bourbon County, Kentucky, whiskey distilleries have spread across the world, and today there are multitudes of styles and flavors to complement any manner of mixer.

This beautifully illustrated book will introduce you to the wider world of malts while showcasing the true potential of whiskey and bourbon. Author Lance Mayhew, award-winning mixologist and Certified Specialist of Spirits, explains everything you need to know: how to choose the right spirit, mix the ultimate Manhattan, and find the perfect cocktail for any occasion. From grown-up scotch and sodas, celebratory mint juleps, or playful picklebacks, Whiskey Made Me Do It has recipes here for any mood, any event, and any drinker.