Fusion Milk Paint Affiliate Link For Lyla's

Fusion Milk Paint Affiliate Link For Lyla's

Click HERE to Shop Fusion Milk Paint!

Have you wanted to try Fusion Milk Paint!  Lyla's does not carry it in store, but there is still a way to shop this line and supporting our small business!

Here are the differences between Fusion Mineral Paint and Fusion Milk Paint! 

Fusion Milk Paint vs. Fusion Mineral Paint Sold at Lyla's In Downtown Plano or Online

Milk Paint comes in powder form – just add water, stir and apply. This is a beautiful thing because it’s simple to do but makes a difference because it means you’re in control of how much or how little paint you want to use. Go ahead and store any left over powder for your next project!

Milk Paint is right for you if…

  • You like to try new things and jump at the chance to get creative
  • You’re up for mixing paint and adding topcoats to achieve a specific look
  • You’re looking for a more buildable application 
  • You want the details to shine through (for example, you want to showcase the grain of wood but add a splash of colour)
  • If you’re worried about brush strokes, this paint is for you. It self-levels, leaving no brush strokes behind
  • It’s really about the overall look and feel you get with Milk Paint by Fusion, it’s so unique that once you paint with it you’ll really see and feel the difference.

Fusion Milk Paint Affiliate Program at Lyla's Online Shop

Fusion Milk Paint Affiliate Program Sold At Lyla's

Fusion Milk Paint Affiliate Program with Lyla's in Downtown Plano

Thanks for shopping Small!  Be sure to click out Link to purchase!  If you purchase from this link....Lyla's will receive credit for the sale!  Items will ship directly to your address!

June 04, 2021 — Meagan Wauters